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Our hearing aids pack the latest research, science, microelectronic technology and cutting-edge design into each and every hearing solution they make — all to deliver the best performance specific to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. And now you can receive a pair of their top-of-the-line hearing aids at a $500 discount!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 30-day evaluation period standard on all hearing aid fittings.
  • 60-day exchange for a different size or style of hearing aids.

The Support You Need

  • Unlimited office visits and annual hearing aid evaluations while under warranty.
  • Loaner hearing aids may be provided if your hearing aids require factory repair and if there are loaners in stock.

Comprehensive Warranty

  • Unlimited cleaning and adjustments
  • Loss Protection up to 3 years depending on model
  • Corrosion and moisture protection
  • Free software updates for the life of your hearing aids

Hearing aids at Hearing Doctors of Iowa feature:

  • Feedback Cancellation — The first hearing aids that did not whistle when you hug someone or buzz when you touch your hair, and still lead the industry in eliminating feedback.
  • Hearing in Noise — Thanks to directional microphones and noise reduction technology, it's now easier than ever to listen comfortably in loud places and focus on who or what you want to hear.
  • Wireless Connectivity — Imagine streaming audio from TV, MP3 players, and even your phone directly to your hearing aids so only you hear it without bothering everyone else nearby.
  • Moisture & Wax Protection — Whether you live in a warm climate or enjoy a more active lifestyle, you’ll want hearing aids that are water and wax/oil repellent – most of our hearing aids are!
  • Multiple Channels — The more channels you have in your hearing aids, the easier it is to create customized settings for the broad range of sound frequencies that exist.
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