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Hearing loss disconnects you from the people and things you love. Even a mild hearing loss can result in asking people to repeat themselves, straining to hear on the phone, or in background noise. Over time, you may find yourself missing out on the things you love.

Understanding your specific needs is crucial to developing the plan for your care, long term. If you are frustrated with your hearing loss or tinnitus, you’ve found the right place!

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She made me feel very comfortable, and put my mind at ease as she explained everything that was going to take place during the hearing test. She explained the results of the hearing test, and took time for me to ask any questions I had concerning my hearing. Dr. Dimmick worked with me on putting the hearing aids in, taking them out, changing the batteries, EVERYTHING I need to know as a “1st time hearing aid wearer.” I am able to HEAR better than I have for over 40 years! Thank you so much!!!Lori B.
When my hearing specialist closed their doors in Ames, IA...I was really concerned...I had just purchased a new top of the line hearing aid!...fortunately Dr. Dimmick has recently opened Hearing Doctors of Iowa...I have only had a couple of small issues and she jumped through hoops to make sure I had a working hearing aid...I am 65, and I have never experienced a Doctor that cares about her patients as much as she does!..Your hearing is her top priority bar none...this rating should actually be 5++...Ralph J.
I went into Hearing Doctors of Iowa today for the first time and loved everything about my visit! I was greeted by their friendly receptionist, Alexis, and was taken care of quickly. Dr. Jessica Dimmick was kind and professional. I look forward to making Hearing Doctors of Iowa my new go to for all my hearing needs!Amanda F.

Dr. Jessica Dimmick is the founder of Hearing Doctors of Iowa. A Midwest native, she grew up in a small farming community in West Central Illinois. Following a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders, a doctorate degree in audiology was earned at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

With a foundation of experience in treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance issues, including medically complicated cases and developmental issues in both children and adults; Dr. Dimmick chose to specialize in hearing loss and tinnitus. Treating patients with a long term health condition like hearing loss is a process that deserves to be done right. Better hearing means a better life!

“Equip yourself with the right professional, the right tools, and the right service and you’re in the right place. At Hearing Doctors of Iowa, I specialize in your customized solution.”Dr. Dimmick
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